Education & Leadership

Teen Programs focus on personal development, life skills and leadership qualities in our young people. One of the best examples is our Teen Leaders Club for middle-school children where youth, with the input of Y staff, plan social activities, fundraisers, service learning projects, field trips and more. We’ve found that once they start volunteering, it’s hard to stop some of these kids! They like giving back to the community and seek more and more ways to help.

Educational Workshops

Taylored for Success

Taylored for Success is a collaborative program that offers youth the opportunity to grow as a productive member of our community. This year long program gives members the chance to develop character, build professional habits and pursue dreams that were possibly thought unachievable! Workshops run throughout the year and members can register at any time.

The Ralphola Taylor Community Center YMCA would like to invite you to our Leadership Workshop Series! This is a great opportunity to meet with educators and tutors along with local businesses, community leaders, and athletes that will promote the Y’s emphasis on education, youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Learn from our guest speakers the importance of being responsible, accountable, and an advocate for your community.

WHO:  Families and youth between the ages of 12-18 are welcome.
HOW:  Stop by or call in to register yourself or your child.
COST:  The event is FREE to the public.  Breakfast/lunch are usually served
WHEN: Dates and times vary, call to find out! P 203 576 7430

Harding Resource Center

The Harding Resource Center is a collaborative effort between the Ralphola Taylor Community Center YMCA, Warren Harding High School and the City of Bridgeport Board of Education. Our mission is to offer quality, educational, and interactive after school programming for the Warren Harding High School student body. Clubs are held in the fall, winter and spring sessions in addition to year-long clubs.

Hip Hop Dance

Students prepare and learn hip hop dances to show their school spirit while performing during pep rallies. Each session students practice leadership and team building skills that they can apply to their daily life.

Community Service

Students interested in volunteering are referred out into the community to serve local organizations. Students are also encouraged to volunteer for school activities as well.

Stress Free Day

Students are offered to relieve stress from their busy lives by practicing mindfulness, meditation and other stress relieving activities.


In conjunction with Y Staff, local college interns, and volunteers, the Harding High Resource Center offers many levels of remedial tutoring in many different academic subjects!

Leadership Development

Computer Instruction (Ages 5-18)

Basic computer skills are taught to every child, from simple tasks to turning on the computer and how to use the mouse to understanding certain applications such as Microsoft Office.  Learning how to successfully operate specific software and hardware is important for their future education and careers.

Communication Skills (Ages 6-18)

Effective communication skills are important at any age.  We all use communication to express ourselves, connect with people and get ideas across.  Learning how to do this clearly, concisely and effectively is essential for everyday life.

Decision Making

Life is a series of decisions, big and small, that affect our future.  With this class we teach children the importance of making the right decision and how to make them.  Teaching them strategies to better use their cognitive reasoning helps ensure better judgment is used in all of their decision making.

Violence Prevention

This program is intended to keep children off the streets and away from violence.  Keeping our kids at a safe haven like the Y is our #1 priority.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Keeping the kids away from violence is not enough.  We also keep kids away from drugs and alcohol so they are less likely to get into trouble down the line.

Job Readiness

This class helps older youth prepare for the job world.  Helping them learn

Vocational Skills (Ages 6-18)

Teaching kids vocational skills can be helpful for a number of different careers.  Whether these skills entail manual or training abilities they can be used in a variety of different jobs.

Life-Long Learning

Parent Workshops

We are here to help parents learn more ways to successfully raise their children.  Whether it is teaching parents about better nutrition for their kids or just giving advice on how to behave in specific circumstances, the Taylor Y is here to help.

Peer mediation

These programs are designed to help people resolve disputes.  At the Taylor Center Y we use peer mediation to resolve conflicts in a non violent manner.  Conflicts solved can range from social problems like relationships to bullying and fighting.

Anger Management

Anger is a part of every human being, but when it gets out of control it can turn destructive.  Anger Management classes are set up to teach people new skills and techniques that can help them control their anger.  With the right techniques learned here you can take control of your anger and improve your life.